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Add a Love Box Home STD Test to Your Autumn Dating List

Add a Love Box Home STD Test to Your Autumn Dating List

It’s officially autumn. That means that it’s the perfect time for watching scary movies while you cuddle with your partner. It’s also the season of the Halloween hook-up. Let’s look at some autumn dating ideas to add to your seasonal checklist!

Romance is in the Air

Let’s face it, there’s something about the autumn air that leads to romance. After all, it’s the perfect season for romantic dates. This can include a day out hiking and pumpkin or apple picking. For a nighttime date, try stargazing or sitting by a bonfire.  

Even a casual get-to-know-you date is easy when you meet up at a coffee shop for a hot cocoa or pumpkin spice latte.  And, if things get steamy, there’s always cuddling by the fireplace. At least then, the bedroom is conveniently nearby!

College Students Return to Campus

College students, you’re finally back at school! There’s never an easier time to meet people than when you’re in college.  So, football games, parties, and double-dates are likely in your near future.

Luckily, a home STD test was already on your back-to-school shopping checklist, right? Now, go out and make the most of your college days! Just be sure to have fun in a safe way.

Haunted Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to hold hands in a haunted house or watch scary movies on the couch. Plus, even as adults, Halloween costume parties can promise tricks and treats.

The Love Box is Your Go-To Home STD Test Kit

These dating list ideas are only improved by adding a home STD test to the mix.  Use a Love Box to get tested with your partner! Okay, we get it. Taking a home STD test may seem like the least romantic thing to do with a partner. But, think about it.  If your partner is open and honest with you, that’s a pretty sexy thing! Plus, your partner may find you more attractive knowing you make their health a priority and your willingness to be open about your health. After all, it’s far less sexy to get intimate with someone and then find out later that you have a sexually transmitted infection.  Luckily, a Love Box lets you test with your partner for full transparency.

What is the Love Box?

The truth is, testing together is an any-season kind of date! But, now that you have all of those autumn date nights lined up, let’s take a look at this convenient home STD test.   The Love Box is myLAB Box’s test kit for couples. You and your partner can screen for eight different STDs together from the comfort of home.  Honestly, by getting on the same page, you and your partner can make informed decisions about your relationship and your health status.

The Love Box consists of  two Uber Box test kits. The 8-panel kit screens for HIV (I & II), Hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex Type II, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis.

How Home STD Testing Works

Using  a myLAB Box home STD test kit helps you screen for sexually transmitted infections at any time and from any place. In fact, it only takes five minutes to collect your same , and only days to get your secure results.

  • Order your testing kit online at Choose between a number of different test kits, including the Love Box. You even get free shipping!
  • Collect a sample using the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Send the sample off for testing using the prepaid envelope that is included with your test kit.
  • Receive your lab results online in just days. You’ll receive an email when your results are ready.

Whether you go on a romantic autumn hike or a Halloween masquerade, taking care of your health is the number one thing you can do for yourself this season! Better yet, testing with your partner will build trust in your relationship.  Next time you get busy, you can do so without worry or stress. What’s sexier than that? Don’t stress, just test.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA


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