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How long can an STD stay dormant without symptoms?

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Enjoying sex with one or more partners is one of the joys of adult life. But sex is also a responsibility and a part of your heath. Each person must protect themselves and their partners from irresponsible sexual practices. Those who do not practice healthy and safe sex are more likely to contract a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or Disease (STD). Now, you may think that when a person acquires an STI or STD, your symptoms will be noticeable right away. Unfortunately, that is not always true. Several different STDs do not show symptoms for a length of time.

Some people will know right away if they have an STD, while others will not know for months. Those who do not get themselves tested will not know they have a disease living inside their body. This can affect a person’s health. Plus, if they have any sexual partners while they are unknowingly infected, they will infect their partner. The high degree to which STIs and STDs are transmitted is one reason why it is so important to get std testing, especially std testing at home.

How STIs and STDs affect the body

STIs and STDs affect the human body in many different ways. Because STDs mainly happen in and around the genitals, those who contract these diseases will experience odd-colored discharge, itching, and severe redness, oozing, sores and puss, spots, discoloration, stinging pain, and pressure, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. But, as we mentioned above, this is  not always the case. Some people might have mild itching or excessive sweat, which can be attributed to other illnesses, so they do not suspect STIs or STDs. Having protected and unprotected sex with undiagnosed individuals is the most common way STDs are transmitted.

But all of these issues can be detected with the help of an std testing kit. Whether you take it at a clinic or in the comfort of your own home, std testing kits provide health care professionals and patients with fast and accurate results.

Which STDs can lie dormant without any symptoms?


Although it may be surprising, gonorrhea is an STD that rarely shows symptoms or any signs that it is affecting a person’s body. The vast majority of cases involving gonorrhea have very little to no symptoms. A person infected with gonorrhea may go up to six months with no signs of infection before more severe signs and symptoms show themselves. Any of the symptoms that present within the first few weeks can easily be mistaken for another type of infection like a vaginal one. Because gonorrhea affects a person’s skin, it is possible to contract gonorrhea in the anus or the mouth.


Even though chlamydia is one of the most talked-about STDs, people are surprised to learn that over 70% of all people who have a case of chlamydia don’t have any symptoms whatsoever for the first few months. The only time they realize there is something wrong with their genitals is when a person with a vagina has a vaginal discharge, or a person with a penis has extreme redness around the tip and pain during urination.


One of the most common STDs in all of history; some of the symptoms of syphilis are so mild that many people may mistake them for other issues. Most syphilis cases start as sore or extremely dry skin. Some people also experienced a rash. Because the symptoms are mild or seemingly nonexistent, people will not go to the doctor and get themselves checked out. But if syphilis is left in the body for years, the disease can cause nerve damage to the eyes, spine, and other major parts of their nervous system.


Also known as genital warts, HPV is an STD that has a vaccine. This thing is usually given to teenage girls while they are in high school. However, because it has a vaccine does not mean that the person is completely 100% protected from contracting it if they have sex with someone carrying the live virus. It just means that their body is armed with an immune system that knows how to fight it. When it comes to the average time it takes for HPV to show symptoms, it will usually be about 124 months before genital warts appear. However, genital warts only happen in a small number of people. The majority of people who contract HPV will never know they have it until they are tested.


Unlike most of the STDs on this list, it does not take a very long time for HIV symptoms to show themselves. Most people can expect to see the first signs of HIV in the first week of contraction. However, some people will only see symptoms after four weeks have gone by.

Don’t condoms protect you and your partners from STIs and STDs?

In 98% of cases, yes, condoms do protect your partner or yourself from contracting an STD. But that does not mean an infected person should continue to have sex with other people. Some STDs are so severe that the infected person should not masturbate. Only after a doctor confirms that they are ready to resume the sexual activity can they resume touching their genitals and having sex with other people.

What happens if an STD sits dormant in your body for too long?

Like any other type of infection or disease, it is never a good idea for a disease to run rampant throughout your body. Every day that your STD is left unchecked, its strength will grow, and It will become more resistant to antibiotics or other forms of treatment. It will continue to damage the tissue in and around your genitals and any other place that it decides to damage while in your circulatory system.

Many infections cause inflammation, and that can lead to permanent damage to vital organs within your torso. And since the genitals are connected to the urinary tract, you’re likely to develop a bladder infection or a severe UTI.

If you suspect that you have an STD, it is always a good idea to get yourself checked out with an STD lab testing instead of waiting for other symptoms to develop. It is possible that you won’t have the same type of symptoms that another person has. Waiting until there are more obvious symptoms could cause long-term permanent damage. Your sexual partners will not know that you are infected either. Therefore, they won’t be aware that they have an STD in the body as well.

But you do not need to rely on visible symptoms when you have an STD testing kit.

How the myLAB Box STD testing kit works

These revolutionary new home std tests are going to change the way people take care of their sexual health. This home blood test kit was created so that anyone can use it. By following the included instructions, testing can be done in the comfort of home. Each result is lab certified, so you know that your home std testing is in the hands of professionals. You don’t have to swab yourself or include saliva either. Just mail us one drop of blood, and you will receive accurate results in little to no time at all.

And the best aspect about this std test kit is how cheap it is. Each online std testing costs just $189. And that is the final price: no hidden fees or extra payments for using the myLAB Box website. Easy, simple, and fast. We hope the myLAB Box test kit will improve the sexual health and lives of everyone. With just one home blood test kit, you will know the answer to if you have an std or not. And if you do, you can begin healing yourself right away.

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