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How Long to Get STD Test Results Back From Clinic

How Long to Get Test Results Back from Clinic

A common question from those who need to test for sexually transmitted infections is “ how long does it take to get STD results back from a clinic?” The fact that you’re looking to get tested is a great start! Unfortunately, the answer to this question may deter some people from following through with a clinic test.

How Long Does it Take to Get STD Results Back From a Clinic?

The truth is, this answer can vary from “several days” to “you may never get your results at all”!  The fact remains, most clinics will only contact you with results if your results are positive.  You may be perfectly healthy but still be a nervous wreck as you wait for answers that will never come.

All of that said, it is still incredibly important that you be tested on a regular basis. Luckily, you are an individual person to us at myLAB Box, not a number.  Fortunately, there are now innovative alternatives to the traditional methods of STD testing. You can now test for sexually transmitted infections from the comfort of home. This is a far more convenient, affordable and reliable approach to your health.

How Long Does it Take to Get STD Results Back when you do at home test?

Luckily, at home testing with myLAB Box guarantees that you receive results whether they are negative or positive. Not only that, they are private, accurate and lab-certified. The best part? You never even have to step into a clinic in the first place!

Here’s how it works, along with a timeline to show you how quick and easy the whole process is:

  • ORDER: 2-4 days from clicking “order” your test will arrive at your door. There are a number of common STDs for you to screen for, including syphilis, HSV-2, HIV, hepatitis C and more. In addition, several options allow you to test for multiple infections at once.
  • TEST: It only takes 5 minutes to complete your test. This can be done at any time and from any place. The included instructions make this part simple.
  • RETURN: Pop your sample into the pre-paid return envelope, and send them to our certified lab for immediate testing.
  • RESULTS: You’ll get your results online within 2-8 days. You will receive an email notification with a link to our secure portal. Again, you will receive this email regardless of whether your results are negative or positive. Just log into your secure user portal to get the full picture of your sexual health.

So all in all, when you test from home, it takes 3-11 days to receive your results. This includes everything from the moment you click “order” online to the moment you get your results. As you can see, shipping time is the biggest factor in this equation.

Now you know the answer to “how long does it take to get STD results back from a clinic.” Fortunately, you can always count on myLAB Box to offer a testing experience that provides accurate results and as little stress as possible!

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