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Looking to get tested? At-Home Testosterone Test Kit

The Benefits of Taking an At-Home Testosterone Level Test

Why Would You Need to Take an At-Home Testosterone Level Test?

Having difficulty conceiving can lead a couple to investigate all the possible causes of infertility. Couples may need to undergo many tests to uncover the cause of infertility and this may lead to seeking out a testosterone level test.

 Low testosterone, or Low T,  has many symptoms, including decreased energy, depression, and plunging libido. And if there is little interest, trying to get into the mood to conceive a baby could be difficult. Finding out that levels are normal also could put a man’s mind at ease.

Some men may already know they are at risk for low testosterone. Certain medical conditions may have put them at risk for a lower testosterone level. This could be another reason to do a test.

If you want to check testosterone levels, what are the options? You could head to your health care provider’s office and request a test. If you’re due for a physical, this could just be added on to other lab tests. There could be insurance issues, though, related to costs. This is something you would have to investigate.

Another option is to take a testosterone level test at home. How do you take an at-home testosterone level test?

Using the Testosterone Level Test Kit

Taking the testosterone level test is easy and painless. The testosterone level test kit will arrive discreetly so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues.

The test is really simple. Just swab a sample of saliva and mail it back. Easy! You will receive your results in a few days.

Understanding Your At-Home Testosterone Test Results

Don’t stress out trying to interpret the results. Call your doctor and go over the at-home testosterone test results. Your doctor may feel that more tests could be warranted or you may be reassured that levels are just fine.

Medications also could affect your results. This is why it is so important to talk to your doctor.

Why Would You Need to Take an At-Home Testosterone Level Test?

What if a Testosterone Blood Test Shows Levels?

If you’ve spoken to your doctor about the levels, and your doctor feels that levels are low (perhaps a testosterone blood test confirmed the levels), then you may wonder what options exist to treat low T.

Low testosterone levels can be treated, and your doctor will be the best resource as to what medications or treatments may be necessary.

Who should check their Testosterone Level?

Talking about low testosterone may automatically cause a man to worry. Should everyone check their testosterone levels?

If your sex drive or interest is waning (without explanation) or you have other symptoms, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend that you take a test.  While talking to your doctor about stamina or interest may feel awkward, you need to have that conversation! Adequate hormone levels are an important part of good health, and, if there is a problem, the issue can be addressed by your doctor.

Some women may also need to have testosterone levels checked. When testosterone levels are too high in women, the cause may be a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS). According to Harvard Health Publishing, some symptoms include facial hair, weight gain, depression, a thinning or balding hairline (like men) and an irregular menstrual cycle. Women who suspect PCOS should see their primary care physician or their OB/GYN. An at-home testosterone level may help clear any doubts before your doctor’s appointment. 

If you are experiencing a low sex drive, depression, a decreased energy level or other signs of low Testostore, you may be concerned about your testosterone levels. While a doctor could order a test at a lab or in the office, you also could decide to check your levels with an at-home testosterone level test (especially if you are testing for peace of mind). 

In women, high testosterone levels could signal a condition called PCOS. If you’re unsure about whether or not a test is necessary, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and concerns. IF you choose to take the at-home testosterone test, you will receive the results in a few days. After you receive results from an at-home test, you may consult your doctor to discuss any further treatments or additional tests.

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