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What is Penile Discharge?

penile discharge

Anytime something unnatural happens with your penis, it raises a rightful concern. If you’ve never had penile discharge, then unexpectedly experiencing it is a scary situation. Penile discharge happens when different fluids collect in the urethra and are caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, and yeast infections. The urethra is the tube that urine and semen leave the penis through.

Discharges that come from the penis can vary from watery and clear, to opaque and cloudy all the way to being filled with pus and blood. It can be thin, sticky, thick, and a wide range of colors. Discharges can be white, red, green, or yellow depending on the infection present within your sexual system. They can be hardly detectable or extremely noticeable and ranges from case to case. It can either be odorless or have a very distinct and unpleasant smell.

What Causes Penile Discharges

As you can guess, there are a number of infections that can cause unrecognizable penile discharges. Below is a list containing some of the most common irritants:

  1. Urinary Tract Infection – UTIs are one of the most common infections to invade your sexual system and can infect the urethra, ureters, bladder, and the kidneys. UTIs are usually accompanied by pain or a burning sensation that occurs during urination. Penile discharges are also quite common.
  2. Trichomoniasis – Commonly referred to as trich, this STD is known for causing irritated penises and burning sensations inside of the penis. Burning during urination and abnormal discharges are very common. However, many men are asymptomatic and may not show any symptoms.
  3. Chlamydia – As perhaps the commonly diagnosed STD in America, chlamydia is known for abnormal discharges and painful urination. If chlamydia infects the urinary tract it is called chlamydial urethritis. This condition is known for swelling, pain, and discolored discharge. Discharges can be anywhere from white to green.
  4. Gonorrhea – Also known as ‘the drip,’ gonorrhea is a very common bacterial infection that also causes painful urination and discharge. Many times, chlamydia and gonorrhea work together against your sexual systems and are therefore tested for together regularly.
  5. Mycoplasma genitalium – As a more unknown STD, Mycoplasma genitalium is a bacterial infection that attacks the epithelial cells of your urinary tract. It often leads to urethritis and regularly results in penile discharges.
  6. Ureaplasma – This is a similar infection to mycoplasma genitalium and causes many of the same symptoms. This is most commonly related to the urge to urinate frequently and supply related penile discharges.

Luckily, many of the culprits associate to penile discharges are bacteria related and can be cleared up with a simple round of antibiotics. However, the only way to take care of them is by first getting tested and being aware of whether or not you’ve contracted an STD. MyLAB Box™ has full spectrum testing and can save you a trip to the doctors. Get your kit discreetly and quickly today.

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