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STD Testing Columbus

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Columbus, CA Residents Can Now Test for STDs at Home

Columbus, CA Residents Can Now Test for STDs at Home

Would you like to get tested for STDs without having to locate a local lab, undergo the embarrassment of testing, and then wait an agonizingly long time for your results? If so, then try at-home STD testing from myLAB Box. Our tests are 100% private and delivered right to your house. All you have to do is place your order, follow the directions carefully, and get your results in just a few days. And, if you run into any questions, concerns, or problems along the way, myLAB Box offers a highly-trained and informed support staff to aid you.

Test for a Wide Variety of STDs from the Comfort of Your Home

When you choose to test for STDs from home via myLAB Box, you’ll be able to check for all major STDs that exist. You can choose to test for just one STD, or you can test for a vast range of STDs via multi-panel tests. Common sexually transmitted diseases that people test for through myLAB Box include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and Syphilis. Whether you’re worried about one, two, or all of these STDs, at-home tests can provide you security and peace of mind.

How Does At-Home STD Testing Work?

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases with myLAB Box is as easy as 1, 2, 3—literally! For step one, simply order the test or tests you need using your tablet, mobile device, or computer. Once you get your test kit you’ll just need to follow the easy testing directions. You can usually collect the sample you need in as little as five minutes. From there, post your sample back to myLAB Box. You’ll then get your trustworthy test results in as quickly as 1-5 business days. What could be simpler?

Protect Yourself and Your Partners

Having a sexually transmitted disease can seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. In most situations, various treatments and other ways of managing the STD are available. Any person can still have a full and complete life even with an STD. However, you can’t get the best treatment or assistance if you’re not aware that you have an STD. And, worse yet, you might pass it to others. Don’t live your life in worry and shame when you don’t have to. Instead, know your STD status for sure by taking an STD test from myLAB Box at home. That way, no matter what the verdict, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and others and/or to keep yourself STD free permanently.

Learn the Truth Via At-Home STD Testing

As important as STD testing is, it can be very inconvenient. With traditional testing, you have to search for a clinic in your area, take time out of your day to get there, sit through the testing process, and then wait a long time for your results. Why deal with all that when you could simply get a reliable test in the mail and have your answer within as short as 5 days? With such a simple, easy option available to you, there’s no reason not to test for STDs at home via myLAB Box.

What kinds of tests are available?

Select from a 5 panel test box, an 8 panel test box, and a 14 panel test kit to get the answers you need!

How much do at-home STD tests cost?

The test prices vary quite a bit based on whether you buy a single test, a multi-panel test, and many other factors. However, remember that you can’t put a price on your health and wellbeing!

Is at-home testing right for me?

For many sexually transmitted diseases, there are various “windows” of time during which an individual could have the STD but may not test positive for it. Thus, talk with your doctor or the myLAB Box support staff to determine when you can safely and reliably check for particular sexually transmitted diseases. Also, keep in mind that frequent testing is wise for everyone who is sexually active.

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!