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STD Testing Minneapolis

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At-Home STD Tests in Minneapolis, MN

At-Home STD Tests in Minneapolis, MN

Let’s face it. Getting tested for STDs isn’t exactly something to look forward to, and it can also be awkward. No one wants to answer personal questions about their sexual history or face the scrutiny of a doctor or other healthcare practitioner. However, with as many as 900 STD cases in Minneapolis alone, being tested frequently is incredibly necessary. Thankfully, through myLAB Box, you can now order tests online, test in the privacy of your home, and get your results without any awkwardness or discomfort whatsoever. What could be easier than that?

Test for a Wide Variety of STDs from the Comfort of Your Home

When you choose to test for sexually transmitted diseases from home through myLAB Box, you’ll be able to check for all major STDs that exist. You can choose to test for just one STD, or you can test for a vast range of STDs via multi-panel tests. Common sexually transmitted diseases that people test for through myLAB Box include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and Syphilis. Whether you’re worried about one, two, or all of these STDs, at-home tests can give you security and peace of mind.

How Testing Works

At-home STD testing from myLAB Box is more convenient than you might think! First, you select the test or tests you would like. myLAB Box enables you to choose from a basic 5 panel test, an 8 panel test, or even a 14 panel test. If you have questions about which test is correct for you, which STDs you should test for, or anything further, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the excellent support crew at myLAB Box. Once you have your test kit, just follow the instructions for proper testing, mail in your sample, and then get answers in days!

Protect Yourself and Others

Not being sure about whether or not you have an STD is incredibly dangerous, both to your own safety and to the health of your sexual partners. While some STDs are somewhat benign, other than the symptoms they cause, others can actually do major harm to your personal and reproductive health if left untreated. Also, there is always the risk of spreading STDs to others. In fact, some STDs can even be spread when condoms are used. Thus, you owe it to yourself and to any recent or future sexual partners you may have to get tested and to know for certain whether or not you can participate in sex safely.

Test Now

When you test via myLAB Box, you’ll receive timely, accurate results that you can rely on. The support team can also help you to determine when you should test and how often, based on various different factors. To learn more or to purchase your first test today, reach out to myLAB Box. You’ll be so glad you did!

Who knows that I’ve been tested?

Testing with myLAB Box is protected under HIPAA privacy laws. This means that your order, your results, and everything else is kept totally confidential from beginning to end.

How long does testing take?

In most instances, testing for STDs can be completed in as little as five minutes once you’ve received your testing kit and followed the instructions. You then mail in your sample and get results back in as shortly as one to five days!

How much does myLAB Box charge?

At-home STD tests are often just as reasonably priced as going to your local doctor’s office. In many cases, you may even spend less by testing with myLAB Box. Prices do differ based on which test kit you purchase and how many sexually transmitted diseases you check for. However, the prices at myLAB Box are very affordable.

Order Your Kit Now & Test AT Home!